How To Play (How To Practice)

If you cannot read music, I recommend using sheet music with letters !

1. Level : 4(Normal 2)

2. Beginning

1. Take Over the Melody Smoothly

2. The Balance of Soprano, Inner Part and Bass

3. 3:2 Rhythm

1. How to understand 3:2 rhythm

▼ Try the practice below and understand 3:2 rhythm with ease.

2. How To Practice

1. One Handed Practice

At first, practice with one hand to be able to play smoothly!

2. One Handed Practice(without looking at the keys)

Each hand's positions are far apart and it is hard to play while looking at both hands.
So you should practice to play without looking at the keys.

3. Sing With Left Hand Playing

Try singing the melody while playing the left hand part.
This practice is necessary before both hands practice.
(Because the complicated 3:2 rhythm might make the habit of unnecessary accent.)

4. How To Play the Arpeggio

▼ Moving your hands horizontally and stretch your fingers on the black keys.

5. Tempo Rubato

3. Middle Section-

1. More Rubato, More Espressive

Different from the beginning, there is no arpeggio in the middle section, so you can express more freely.

2. Harmony And Legato

1. Harmony: balance of each notes of the chord

2. Legato

3. Blend Harmony With Pedal

Sheet Music For Piano

Tutorial For Beginner

Arabesque No. 1
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